How to enjoy your wedding – Part One

“We live in a funny age” …. It’s so easy to use the throw-away cliche all too often, so I will not use it… except I have. Let me explain.

Understatement: We have been to a few weddings. We haven’t yet seen it all, but we have seen a lot, and have a pretty decent idea of how weddings work, in a myriad of variations. We haven’t seen it all, but we have seen more than most, and that experience helps us add some value in helping our brides and grooms enjoy their day. 

It may sound ridiculous, but most people, without a little guidance and left to their own devices, will only experience a percentage of the true potential enjoyment that their wedding day should provide. It seems illogical because people literally throw a massive amount of their energy, money and time (and money and money) into the planning of their perfect day. And yet, in our experience, the very people who should enjoy the day most often end up missing out. 

I would like to just throw a few pieces of my own opinions on the causes of this strange reality. 

Here is part one:

The devil, as “they” say, is in the details, and with weddings this is true, but in a different sense. Pinterest has revolutionised wedding planning, giving prospective brides a condensed library of every possible idea with which to fill their wedding. It is loads of fun pinning unlimited cute pics of crafted serviettes, table settings, party favours, gin tables and pretty much anything else (exploring it occasionally feels like Alice falling down the hole).

As often as we have seen these brought to life in such amazing ways, we have also seen people get totally lost in the stress and time it takes to replicate these beautiful concepts. Brides so often build their dream wedding boards (an issue I will deal with in the next instalment), and then end up having to flesh out their own ideas, which becomes an unrealistic project that ends in disappointment or burnout. Remember, no wedding should EVER be made or broken on the shade of greens, amounts of petals, or an incorrectly printed seating plan. 

Details are great, gorgeous and lovely, but they are “fluff”, and shouldn’t cloud the actual truth that a wedding, no matter how big or small, is a celebration of two people deciding to share life together. I may be speaking out of line, but I would go as far as to say, if something you have pinned on a board has the potential to create real disappointment and distract from the day you may need to realign your priorities, or even discard that altogether. If you get married and have fun, then pretty much everything else should be able to go wrong without too much fuss. 

I can say, without any hesitation or reservation, that the greatest weddings (complex or simple) have been built around a genuine love, excitement and joy. Hail, rain, cold, detail failures or even overbearing mother-in-laws cannot ruins these types of weddings….

**Disclaimer** – selecting the right vendors and people to whom you can delegate details will greatly increase your ability to release stress – a point I will discuss in a following instalment, but not to be understated. 

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