A month in….

Blogging has, for a long time, seemed like the bottom rung of writing. As a qualified journalist (yes, I just “qualifications dropped”) I had visions of sitting in some hipster coffee shop writing a life changing book on an old typewriter between churning out hard hitting investigative pieces. That all before I realised that I am neither the most gifted writer nor am I as superbly insightful into current affairs as I would like to believe.

But I would like to share a few arbitrary thoughts from our first month of being full time photographers. We have built a little bit of a following and, although far from famous, I love our little community of supporters, many of which are the reason why we do what we do.

So, I do not promise to write regularly, but I will try satisfy my delusions of writing ambitions and perhaps you can humor me. Tarryn might write here from time to time, and it would be cool if you gave us some feedback or asked some questions if you have some.

My thought for this entry is just an obvious affirmation of our announcement post:

This new adventure in full-time photography has made me realise how incredible lucky/blessed we are to be able to do what we do.

At the risk of sounding simplistic or reductionist (look it up, its one of those hipster words that are worth storing), if you put the right things in the right place on your priority list, your life has to change. “live to work vs work to live” (cliche deluxe!)

Before becoming a dad I honestly could not have imagined feeling more fulfilled than when I was on the sports field or in the classroom with a bunch of hungry-for-significance teenagers. I adored my job and loved that I got to do it at a school that supported my values and  (tolerated) my unorthodox approach. On top of this I had an incredibly supportive wife who was totally on board with my career.

The arrival of a little chunk of Layla in July 2015 was more than just a game-changer, it knocked my priority list around and, although I still loved teaching, each day away from her seemed to wear at me like a stone in a hiking boot.

To cut the whole soppy schpiel (is that a word?) short, I now edit my days away with my daughter on my lap and miss very little of her incredible development. Our little family gets to hang out, and I get to meet amazing people and do photography with my favorite person as my partner.

Yes, it is really cool.

No, I don’t regret the move. (I get asked that a lot by people who knew how much I loved teaching).

Oh, and got a really fun new tattoo. Check it out and follow out little lives on instagram:

@troybish @tarryntino @africanbearphoto




2 thoughts on “A month in….

  1. Love your blog. Love your photos. Love your family. Best people out there! Hope you guys continue to grow from strength to strength. You will always have my support. 🙂 xx

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