{ Our Big News }


Our little family has never been completely conventional. Tarryn and I got married young, after dating only a short time. The story of how we met is a good laugh, and we quite enjoy the awkwardness that it evokes when we tell it. (Share a good bottle of wine with us sometime and you may hear it…)

Ten years of amazing marriage, several different homes, a couple of cities, and one gorgeous daughter later has brought us to another amazing turn in our road; A couple of years ago, over an innocuous coffee date, we decided to embark on our photography adventure together. What began as a hobby quickly snowballed out of control and we realized we had stumbled onto something special. With some encouragement from good friends we decided to push a little harder, and the doors began opening. One wedding booking led to another, and our passion for shooting together suddenly became a full time project. We have had to face the reality that, if we are going to do this right, we will need to make some real choices.

So, as of 2017, African Bear will be our full time occupation. We have been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement of everyone we have had the privilege to shoot. From families who have allowed us into their lives to try capture their love, to the couples who have entrusted us with documenting their engagements and weddings, we have had an incredible time, and we are addicted to this joy.

This means that both Tarryn and I will be closing out our roles at Grace College at the end of this year and devoting our time to creating amazing memories with you all, as well as giving more time to our precious Layla who just grows more beautiful every day.


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